Masterchef NZ

Masterchef NZ

Full studio to post solution for cooking sensation


  • Technical Producer
  • Studio Integration


  • EDL Generation Software

New Zealand’s version of the international reality television hit MasterChef has completed another successful season.

Group 6 were engaged to develop a cutting edge and cost effective studio and post production facility. MasterChef is filmed using multiple XD-CAM cameras, both in the studio and the field. We built an integrated control room and studio, and developed software that creates an edit decision list based off camera preview routing. It is also portable, ideal for the numerous on location segments.

MasterChef are able to use the same field production camera crew in the studio, and take their footage and timeline straight into post production without the need for an outside broadcast facility. This was a great cost-saver.

Cables ready for install
Studio under construction
SwitchScribe EDL software
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