DIVA Media System

By editors for editors.

The most cost effective media management tool available today.

DIVA Media System
DIVA Volume Pool

Spend more time editing, less time setting up, and collaborate on projects with ease.

DIVA is a media server designed and built for editors to streamline, store, share and simplify your Avid Media Composer environment.

DIVA Client

Why DIVA is right for you

  • Avid NEXIS compatible bin locking
  • Allows multiple users to work simultaneously across multiple servers and drives
  • Improves workflow with an environment optimised for editors
  • Protect your bins from other editors making changes
  • Scalability is limited only by network speed and connectivity
  • Favourites can be setup to access projects with a click and get cutting
  • Customisable configuration of storage drives
  • Comprehensive affordable backups to protect your work
  • 24/7 international remote support

Integrated Cloud Backup

Your work is important. You're busy. Let us handle the backup.

Never worry about the integrity of your project files again.

We've partnered with Backblaze to ensure all those bins are safely, and securely, stored in the cloud.

Finger trouble deleted the wrong file? Want to get back that cut from yesterday? Easily restore a single bin or an entire project.



She might not look like much but she's got it where it counts, kid.

We like to make sure you can get the job done. That's why when we performance test, we only show you the lower end of what you can expect.

The following benchmarks were set on a 12 disk RAID50 configuration. Since it's easy to get higher numbers with empty disks, we fill the RAID to 95% capacity before we start any testing.

XDCam HD 1080i @ 50
DNxHR LB 1080p @ 25
DNxHR HQ 1080p @ 25
DNxHR LB 4k @ 25
DNxHR HQ 4k @ 25

Technical Specifications

DIVA Server

Central management server

Form Factor
1RU Chassis
Titanium level redundant power supplies
Operating System
Microsoft Windows Server 2016
Microsoft SQL Server Express 2016
1Gb Ethernet


Storage Server

Form Factor
Supermicro X11 24bay 4RU Chassis
Titanium level redundant power supplies
Operating System
Microsoft Windows Server 2016
Dual 10Gb Ethernet
RAID Controller
Broadcom SAS3 3008
Full remote management over ethernet

Supported Applications

Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer 2018.1 or later.

Davinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve 12 or later.

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows 10 1709 or later.

Apple Mac OS

macOS 10.12 - macOS 10.13

Help and Documentation

Full DIVA help and documentation is available at help.group6.co.nz.

Release Notes

A small maintenance release to improve how redundant backup versions are pruned from the cloud. Features Server: verify B2 records are pruned improve backup cleanup logging Bug Fixes Backup: use retry policy to get unfinished large files Fusion: handle FormatException when displaying job parameter

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