DIVA v2.13.0

DIVA v2.13.0 introduces External Drives - this allows you to add remote network shares and FTP servers as DIVA Drives, which your editors can then easily mount in the suite. They can even be added to favourites! We’ve added to the help documentation how to add an external drive, as well as a walkthrough video.

There’s a few bug fixes in there as well, most importantly fixing an issue changing a users drive access from read to write. We’ve also had to change our email notification provider, due to third party changes.


  • external drives
  • move email platform to campaign monitor
  • Jobs:
    • use error codes when adding user to project
    • add specific error codes
  • Node:
    • handle user not existing when modifying drive roles
    • add codes to project delete responses
    • add code to failed job responses

Bug Fixes

  • Fusion: handle role no longer existing when moving media
  • Node:
    • permissions not set correctly when changing a user from read to write
    • catch directory exceptions when setting read only attributes
    • handle file in use when resetting readonly flags
    • handle file in use when deleting dir recursively
    • null check drive incidents before enumerating
    • null check drive job errors before enumerating
    • deleting private projects reports exceptions
    • handle DirectoryNotFound exception when resetting readonly flags
    • handle process in use when resetting readonly flags
    • enumerate files by path only when resetting readonly flags
    • handle PathTooLongException when resetting readonly flags
    • handle UnauthorizedAccessException when resetting readonly flags
    • handle missing user when adding to shared project
  • NodeAPI:
    • return null when job bool parameter doesn’t exist
    • null get job getint and getstring
  • Server: crashes if already running
  • User: limit validation context lifetime
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