DIVA v2.16.4

2.16.4 brings another bunch of bug fixes. We’ve much improved dealing with long file paths when deleting a drive, and also fixed a YSOD when editing a users last name. Performance of backing up large files to Backblaze has also been improved.


  • Backup: reset connection if required after failed upload
  • Node: add window menu
  • Server:
    • list unfinished B2 uploads
    • add window menu

Bug Fixes

  • Backup:
    • handle remote connection closed during upload
    • pass correct method to error handler in FinishLargeFile
    • handle HttpRequestException during large part upload
    • remote file name encoding for large files
    • improve retry on network failure
    • buffer length for final part of large file upload
    • encoding of spaces for B2 file names
    • retrieve unfinished uploads when more are pending
    • handle underlying connection closed
    • handle network error when backing up project metadata
    • handle B2 connection being aborted
    • handle B2 failing to respond
  • Client:
    • handle network proxy error
    • retry update initialisation if fails the first time (Win)
    • handle NameResolutionFailure network error
  • FileSystem: use kernel32 fallback to delete long file paths
  • Fusion:
    • project list could show project from deleted drive of the same name
    • error when editing user lastname
  • Incidents: report backup network incident as recurring
  • Node: correctly return errors when project archive fails
  • Tools:
    • space encoding of reverse backup path generation
    • handle shared avs paths
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