DIVA v2.16.5

v2.16.5 is primarily project backup improvements and fixes. You should see faster uploads to Backblaze, and the system is better at handling network issues during uploads.


  • Backup:
    • retry any 500 upload status
    • refactor to b2.net nuget package
  • FileSystem: open permissive readonly file stream
  • Incidents: user mxf folder missing is now a warning and not an error

Bug Fixes

  • Backup:
    • retry start large file
    • empty check credentials for b2 client
    • fix upload retry delays
    • don’t lowercase error messages when reporting
    • reduce file lock duration for small file uploads
    • reduce file lock duration for large file uploads
    • null check error message
  • Client: check for network connection does not exist error when unmapping drive (Win)
  • Fusion:
    • correct scale for backup bandwidth graphs
    • handle null backup status
  • Infrastructure: handle exception logging exceptions (inception?)
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