DIVA v4.1.0

v4.1.0 introduces audit logging, where we record what users complete what actions and at what time. E.g. UserA gave UserB read access to DriveC at time X. For now it’s just recorded in the database, and we’ll be adding a way to view this information in the future. We can access the data directly in the database for now if you need to know anything.

We’ve also added a new feature to DIVA Client where you can choose to automatically re-mount the last drives you were using. This will even follow you between edit suites. You can enable this option by clicking your username, then Preferences, then checking the Remount drives option.

Enable drive remounting


  • Client: remount previously mounted drives
  • Data:
    • add auditing models and configure unit tests
    • Node.SignalRKey
  • Database:
    • auditing tables
  • Fusion:
    • audit drive roles
    • audit user events
    • audit job cancellation
    • audit remaining drive actions
    • auditing remove logging of JustSeen
    • update audit interface and implementation to use long instead of int
    • add auditing
    • notify node when drive mounted by user
    • register nodes in SignalR hub
    • node SignalR hub
  • Logic:
    • monthly license option
    • audit role change activity
    • add auditing
  • Node:
    • drive service tracking of mounted drives
    • register with SignalR hub
    • base SignalR client
  • Server:
    • check if license has expired
    • update license from focus
    • add auditing
    • provide SignalR key to node at connection
  • Web: add auditing

Bug Fixes

  • Client:
    • allow for spaces in user profile path
    • trim server address in settings
    • trim server address in setup
    • handle -5016 error mounting drive (Mac)
    • retry drive unmount (Mac)
    • navbar update link
    • retry get used drive letters (Win)
    • handle helper not running (Mac)
    • check error.message and error.Message during check in error
    • force token refresh when signing back in
    • handle timeout refreshing auth token
    • handle not_signed_in during auth token refresh
  • DB:
    • allow null in audit property value
    • require audit property name
  • Favourite: hide favourite from user when they can’t access any of it’s drives
  • Fusion:
    • null check user preference parameters
    • null check node hostname sending to node hub
    • handle 0x80070057 error
    • user group view
    • SignalR message to specific node
  • Logic:
    • role remove audit order
    • drive task names
    • audit role removal before removing role
  • Node:
    • set share permissions on drive with single quote in name
    • ensure parent of mxf junction exists before creating
  • Server: audit logic for job controller
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