DIVA v4.2.0

Happy days for the keyboard lovers, we’re got keyboard shortcuts in DIVA Client! You can check them all out in our help documents, or hit Ctrl / or Cmd / to see what’s available in DIVA Client.


  • Client:
    • unmount all drives keyboard shortcut
    • dismiss modal with esc
    • navigate main views with ctrl+tab
    • favourite keyboard shortcuts
    • drive keyboard shortcuts
    • global keyboard shortcuts
    • beta opt-in
    • honk!
  • Core: EventCollector
  • Data:
    • context factory
    • backup snapshot error
  • Fusion: exclude client betas from dashboard
  • Node: report all backup errors
  • Server:
    • delete old client betas during maintenance window
    • record backup snapshot errors
  • Windows: registry abstraction

Bug Fixes

  • Client:
    • handle invalid argument unmounting drive (Mac)
    • handle -6600 error mounting drive (Mac)
    • improve error handling while mounting last used drives
    • auth service handle checkin error code case sensitivity
    • dismiss modals on navigation end
    • handle out of memory enumerating used drive letters (Win)
  • Core: event collector exception null check
  • Fusion: allow for no beta versions on dashboard
  • Incidents: improve date formatting in emails
  • Logic: handle underlying connection closed sending notification email
  • Node:
    • handle SignalR service unavailable
    • use invoke policy to send SignalR connected message
    • handle SignalR socket connection attempt failed
    • handle errors getting mxf directories for divafs media drive size
    • SignalR invoke status 503
    • SignalR invoke connected party did not respond
    • SignalR connect connected party did not respond
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