DIVA v4.4.3

More bug fixes. The biggest thing you’ll notice is if you have a long list of favourites it won’t scroll the menu off the top any more.


  • Angular: add logging trace method
  • Client: display message for foreign DIVAFS detected
  • DIVA: add static drive helpers for icon and type
  • Data: add DbConnection factory
  • Fusion:
    • show disabled Nodes on dashboard
    • use Dapper for drive API
    • mini profiler
  • Logic: only check enabled Nodes for timeout

Bug Fixes

  • Client:
    • handle null drive during unmount
    • force signout on load if server hello fails
    • use default from address if empty when sending logs
    • remove .local from end of hostname
    • favourite scrolling
  • Data: get user Id from ClaimsPrincipal
  • FileSystem:
    • retry setting file read only attribute
    • additional enumerate retry after 1 second
  • Fusion:
    • dashboard node stats
    • create Node with no IP defined
  • Node: handle SignalR already disconnected when disconnecting
  • Server:
    • update volume size after change
    • handle B2 offline during version prune
    • node timeout
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