Today we are releasing DIVA v3, with full Avid NEXIS compatible bin locking.

Each of the three main drive types (Basic, Media, and Projects) have a new DIVAFS enabled version, which makes them appear as NEXIS drives in the Media Composer hardware window.

Along with this change there are other improvements:

  • All projects are immediately shared
  • No more Unprotected folder
  • Drives appear with their correct name in Media Composer on Windows (they won’t all be “Media” any more)
  • DAVE is no longer required on macOS clients
  • AMA media on Basic drives will work cross platform, and won’t have to be mounted on the same drive letter all the time in Windows
  • No moving media to one user to be able to delete it

Please also see the updated help documentation over at

Full release notes


Say hello to, our new Discourse fourm. Over there we’ll have release news for DIVA, channels for bug reports and feature requests, and general #postchat. We’ll see how it gets used over the next while and adapt as we go.

You’ll find the link in the footer of the website, and the footer of the DIVA release emails.

Discourse is a open source forum platform, built to bring civilzied discussion for your community.



Backup graphs

DIVA 2.16.0 is now available, including cloud backup and restore of Avid project files.

We have partnered with Backblaze, utitlising their B2 platform to securely and safely backup your Avid bins in the cloud.

For NZ$20.00 + gst per month (for up to 1TB cloud storage) you can automatically upload the changed bins every 15 minutes, hour, or day - or run a backup of a specific project on demand if you’re about to make major changes.

Of course what good is a backup if you can’t get your files back? Our restore tools will let you restore a single bin, or even an entire drive of projects, from any point in time.

By default, every bin you create is kept forever, and you can define how many versions to keep. There’s even pretty graphs to show how your backups are running.

See the complete backup and restore documentation, and reach out to to get started today!


DIVA 2.15.0 is now available, with support for macOS 10.12 Sierra, improved drive mounting on macOS, and a better project archiving system.

The updated DIVA Client for macOS now works with 10.12 Sierra, and is faster and more reliable mounting and unmounting drives on the desktop. As part of these changes, we’ve incorporated a “legacy” mode for mounting drives. This may be usefull if you’re using Network Drives with custom names. Instructions are availble for changing between AppleScript drive mounting and Legacy drive mounting.

Our new project archiving system makes it much faster to collect an entire copy of all the Avid project files for a specific project - or even a drive of projects.

Check out the demo for archiving projects below.

As usual, full help documentation is available over at, and a full set of release notes are also available.


DIVA v2.13.0, released today, adds a new feature we’re calling External Drives. This allows you to add non-DIVA network shares, and remote FTP servers, as drives within DIVA, which can be mounted using DIVA Client. They can even be added to favourites, making them even easier for editors to use in their suites.

Be it a network share on a production or IT server, within your network, or a FTP server to upload review videos, accessing them on your desktop is now just a drive mount away.

The DIVA Help Center has instructions for adding an external drive, and we’ve even got a tutorial video to walk you through the steps. Since OS X and Windows doesn’t have native desktop FTP support, we’ve also got some recommendations for using FTP on Windows and OS X.

Need help? Email us at